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Web Technologies That Every Web Developer Should Know About

Web Technique That Every Web Developer Should Know About

The world of website development is a complicated one. A new developer coming to the scene will often need to learn many new technologies and platforms new to the industry and very new to each developer. The reality is that most IT managers have no background in Web Technologies or marketing their knowledge to the corporate Web Development department. This means that even they may be utterly ignorant about some of the most critical elements that make your business more successful. When this happens, an inexperienced web manager cannot do much for his/her company.


When it comes to web technologies that every Web Developer should know, there are hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of them. Each technology serves a different purpose, and therefore, a webmaster must select only those directly relevant to his/her business. Because many web technologies change drastically over time, a Web Manager who is not informed about these changes can miss the new trends before introducing them into the marketplace.


Every significant technological advancement has been greeted with great fanfare. However, most do not understand the impact that each new technology has on the marketplace. For example, once a revolutionary scripting language, JavaScript was quickly replaced by HTML, causing many to lose the ability to create “fluid” web pages. However, today, because so many people know about HTML, and because so many businesses and corporations use HTML as their preferred choice for developing websites, it is imperative for every web technology that every Web Developer should know.


Some of the most critical web technologies that every Web Manager should know are Flash and Java. These two technologies revolutionized the way that WebPages were designed and presented. Without these technologies, it would be nearly impossible to create movies or games and interact with others on the Internet. As new versions of these technologies become available, every Web Developer must update their knowledge of utilizing the best. Otherwise, the websites developed using these technologies may no longer function as they were intended.

important web technologies

Another critical web technology that every Web Manager should know is XML. or Extensible Markup Language, which is a markup language used to describe the structured information found on the Web. To make sense of the various pieces of data included in this markup language, it’s necessary to know some basic notions about how the world works. Fortunately, a lot of the time, when it comes to learning more about the different technologies that a Web Designer needs to know, they can open a simple Web browser and spend some time exploring the various files that it contains. Most people who browse the Web do not even need to understand this file format at all!


The WebKit rendering engine is probably one of the most important among the many web technologies that every Web Manager should know. Apple developed this tool to produce the ideal browsing experience for both Macs and PCs. It allows the Mac user to view web pages in various styles, but it also provides the capability to respond to touch input and mouse clicks. In short, it is an ideal technology for developing mobile applications as well.

Cross-browser testing

Cross-browser testing is another essential tool. It is a procedure in which a developer checks the effectiveness of different web browsers against a set of standards. When this type of testing is performed, a programmer will see what browsers can handle a particular set of standards and which cannot. In short, this testing tool helps developers to make sure that their applications will run correctly on the Internet. While this technology is a bit of a challenge to learn, it is definitely worth the investment. After all, no professional webmaster wants to develop an application to discover that it will not run properly on the Internet.


No one likes to spend a lot of time debugging their sites, so every Web manager must know about debugging tools. One of the best technologies that every Web developer should know about is HTTP response code validation. This technology verifies that each code sent to a Web server is correct and corresponds to the specifications that have been agreed upon during development. Several different tools can be used for determining this code, including HTTP response code validation generators and error sniffers. Using these tools, any Web developer can ensure that their clients receive the optimal service when they use their website.

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