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Importance of Mobile Applications in Daily Life

Importance of Mobile Applications in Daily Life

Let us examine the importance of Mobile Applications from different perspectives. First, we would like to know the advantages of using such applications for better efficiency and productivity. A brief discussion about the benefits of using mobile device applications can help us understand why this technology is a growing craze amongst users. The most significant advantage is the usage of time and space. You can access the information or application on the go and do other things while moving. You can get work faster without even getting your hands on your PC.


Next, we would like to know about the disadvantages of using such applications. As it is evident from the discussion above, these applications are gaining popularity day by day. People are using them for different reasons, so disadvantages are also being discussed. Some of the most common disadvantages of using mobile applications include:


Limited use of memory and storage space: Since your application comprises several images and text, you may end up requiring a large amount of memory and storage space. The use of such applications is dependent on the type of device that you are using. Smartphones, for example, come with limited memory space and can only store a few images, while tablets, on the other hand, can hold a large number of images and text. You may need to add additional storage space in case of larger sized devices. Further, in high-resolution devices, you will have to use a higher memory to upload the images.

using a handset

Limited functionality of devices: One of the main disadvantages of using a handset is that it does not support all the functionalities that a computer system can. This means that you may have to switch between various programs and applications if you want to view different data types. In the case of a tablet, you will face the problem of the orientation and screen orientation. While using a smartphone, you will not face such issues. A smartphone comes with a large screen that allows you to view various documents and data in one place, whereas a tablet requires you to switch from one application to another to view different types of information.


No compatibility issues: One of the most significant disadvantages of using mobile devices is the lack of compatibility between various mobile operating systems. Almost all the OSs cannot be used on a particular device. The use of such devices calls for huge expenses as you have to pay a monthly fee to keep your phone updated. In the case of tablets, you also have to face the compatibility issue, but using such tablets calls for a new generation device with advanced compatibility with most OSs.


Lack of portability: Some people may feel that a small gadget like a smartphone can be used anywhere. However, in many cases, this is not the case as the screen, and the camera of such devices are not big enough to cover a large area of your room. Further, there are no flash and other additional hardware components attached to the device and portable. It can be used to watch movies, download and view documents, play games, listen to music, check emails, and many more activities. Still, it cannot be called a complete tablet.

short battery life

Short battery life: Smartphones have short battery life, making them poor choices if you need to use the device for a more extended time. On the other hand, devices like tablets run on a lithium-ion technology that offers high durability levels. This means that you do not have to worry about the battery life of the device. You can even work for long hours without having to recharge it. However, it depends upon the user as per the usage.


Compatibility across multiple devices: With the advent of smartphones, numerous other mobile applications can be used. Thus, using one single device would not prove to be convenient. Therefore, it makes sense to use various mobile devices that you own. Even if you want to use a particular application on your phone, you can use a mobile phone that supports that specific application.

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