Importance of Android App Development

Importance of Android App Development

Importance of Android App Evolved

In such an outline, companies that provide android app development services are of great use. Not only can these companies develop apps for personal or commercial use, but also they can help you make money through selling your apps.


There are several advantages associated with developing android apps. Among the most important benefits is that you do not have to be technically proficient to create these apps. However, the importance of knowing technicalities such as XML design, Javascript, etc., comes into the picture when companies hire the expertise of experienced android development companies to provide them with the required services.


According to estimates, there is enormous potential for Android app development in the mobile industry. More users access the internet on their smartphones than any other device such as desktops, tablets, etc. The significant advantage of accessing the internet via a mobile operating system is that users can access essential apps from anywhere in the world at any time.

Market share:-

With the increase in the market share of iPhones and greater competition in the smartphone market, it is clear that android app development is crucial for all businesses that want to stay in touch with their customers. iPhones offer a better user experience and are available in various colors, shapes, and sizes. As far as features are concerned, iPhones have several advantages over Android phones. Some of the benefits are:


Due to a large market share, iPhones have a lot more apps available than Android devices. Apart from offering an extensive collection of apps, iPhone users also enjoy a fast and reliable app store performance. iPhone users prefer to use these apps rather than the apps that come pre-installed on Android phones. While android development for apps catering to multiple platforms is more straightforward, iPhones offer a simple user experience with a great range of apps available.


Android app developers are faced with tough competition from companies selling iPhone apps. The number of app downloads has increased dramatically with every month that the Android market has existed. As android developers struggle to keep up with the increased competition, there have been a few notable differences between the two platforms.

App Monetization Options:-

One of the most potent two platforms comes in the form of app monetization options. Google offers various ways to monetize an app, such as Google Play, AdWords, and the existing inbuilt apps. On the other hand, Apple provides only one monetization option in the form of the eCommerce app. The lack of app monetization options means that developers need to customize their apps for each unique platform.


The third difference between the two platforms comes in the form of the business processes that support them. Android has long since been known for supporting more mobile phone friendly business processes. For instance, most android apps include the ability to accept credit cards and make payments quickly. Furthermore, they allow users to integrate third-party services such as Google Maps, Gmail, and YouTube. iPhone users can also access Google Maps, but the lack of touch screen functionality prevents them from interacting with it in much the same way as a user of an android app. In effect, the lack of business processes that integrate with iPhone users creates a significant disadvantage in terms of brand presence because most people cannot experience a real brand presence because they cannot make any contact with an app.

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