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Free Android Application Developer Training

Free Android Application Developer Training

There are many merits to app development courses for beginners. Responsible for app creation and maintenance; Learn required functionalities based on current product requirements; learn the app model, programming, and coding; and make it easy for you to get app development courses for beginners for free now. With rapid technological advancements, more companies are creating new applications frequently, which require professional assistance from software professionals. App developers to help them in designing and developing new applications for their clients.


If you thought that apps today are just about fun and entertainment, then you have wrong. They are gaining importance as an instrument for businesses nowadays. With the latest technological advancements, hundreds of new and noteworthy apps can make your life easier. From many industries, here are some of the apps that have made their place among today’s leading applications: Facebook, Twitter, to name a few; Google+, Pinterest, Yelp, to name a few. So, go through the list and find one or two apps of your choice to help you with your daily chores and make your life simpler and more comfortable.


If you wish to know what Android app development courses online is all about, you can refer to the references below. To start with, you can start with Google Android SDK. It provides information about the tools, materials, and reference Android API. In the beginning, you will have to select the target device with which you will develop your apps. The topics and points covered in this app development course include Android Client Frameworks, Accessibility, Software Architecture, Mobile Device Management, System Dependency, Design Features, Data migration, XML Access, Android Studio, Android API, Android Serviceability, C++ Builder, Android XML Library, Android Performance Improvement, Android Emulator, Android User Interface, Android Performance Tuning, Fragments and Activities, XML Web Services, and Java.

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After learning the app development course offered by the sources mentioned above, you can proceed to the second part, Android Studio. It introduces you to the Android Studio, Gradle, Maven, and Antivir Solution’s various features. Next, you will learn about the different Android build systems and how to set up the environments. The next topics will be Java, Android Client Frameworks, Access, Software Architecture, System Dependency, Design Features, Data migration, Android XML Library, Android Serviceability, C++ Builder, Android Performance Improvement, Fragments, and Activities. Finally, after the app development course, Android Emulator will be equipped to design your first apps using the Android SDK.


The first program taught at an online training institute is the Learn Android App Development from Aptana. This is a nine-week program that introduces you to the process involved in learning to develop mobile applications. You must know how to use the Android Studio and Gradle automated build and debug applications.


The second program is the Learn Android App Development from Code Academy. This training course includes over 40 modules, including eight sections that are split into three main topics. Android SDK Installation, Android Experiments, Android Client Frameworks, Android Scripts, Mobile application design and development, and Android Game development. All the sections are divided into three main topics teach the beginners how to install the SDK, create an Android Experiment, install Android Emulators, read the Android SDK documentation, create a mobile application, and read the Android scripts, build an Android app, and debug an Android app.

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The third-course view of the Learn Android App Development from Code Academy includes a free Android app building exercise that gives the students practice on Android apps’ different functionalities. This exercise also enables the learner to learn about the usage of the various Android APIs and their functions, such as getting, guido, geteuid, and process context. You can imagine how much easier it would be if you can drag and drop items on your Android screen without having to go through the manual.


There are many other free android app developer courses available today. To name a few, there are courses from Rocket Languages, Code Academy, Mobile Toys, and many more. All these courses are available for you to take right now at the comfort of your own home.

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